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On Record PR

Jul 6, 2020

Adrian Lurssen is the co-founder and vice president of strategic development at JD Supra, an online content intelligence platform. Adrian has been helping to build JD Supra since 2007. JD Supra supports lawyers and law firms, and their thought leadership programs by distributing their content to subscribers across all industries and sectors.

Adrian has worked in new media for almost his entire professional life. He served as a senior managing editor at Yahoo!, creating and managing the company's first team of editors and writers whose work included Yahoo! News full coverage, daily and weekly pics, Ask Yahoo!, and other editorial features. In 1999, Brill’s Content media magazine placed Adrian on their top 25 influencers list, calling him “The most important person in cyberspace of whom you've never heard.”


In this episode…


What are law firms doing well from a content perspective? How does content support business development?

Join us as host Gina Rubel goes on record with Adrian Lurssen to discuss the importance of marketing law firm content and explain the do’s and don’ts, how to use data as an opportunity, and ways to improve your law firm’s content.