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On Record PR

Aug 10, 2020

Judge Sandra Mazer Moss is a Distinguished Neutral at the Dispute Resolution Institute (DRI) in Philadelphia.

Judge Moss joined the DRI in 2014, after a long and distinguished career with the First Judicial District of Philadelphia Civil Trial Division. While there, Judge Moss served as trial judge, judicial team leader, and most notably was the founder and first supervising judge of the Complex Litigation Center. Fondly referred to as the CJC, Judge Moss stewarded groundbreaking litigation programs designed to swiftly and fairly resolve asbestos, lead paint, breast implants, and other mass tort cases.

Many of the protocols that she created have been adopted throughout the United States. They've also been the basis of her appointment as Chair of the State Judges Mass Tort Litigation Committee, where she served under the auspices of the Conference of Chief Justices. Judge Moss’s weighty accomplishments have been recognized by local and national organizations such as the Philadelphia Bar Association, where she received the William J. Brennan Distinguished Jurist Award. She's a graduate of the Beasley School of Law at Temple University and was given the alumni association’s inaugural Women's Champion Award. She has also been a president of their Inn of Court.

In this episode…

How can parties successfully navigate virtual arbitration and mediation?

Join us as host Gina Rubel goes on record with Judge Sandra Mazer Moss to discuss best practices for virtual arbitration and mediation and lessons learned during COVID-19.