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On Record PR

Jan 5, 2021

Gina Rubel goes on record with Leslie Richards, the Chief Innovation Officer of Furia Rubel Communications, to discuss 2021 digital marketing priorities for professional service firms.

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The Chief Innovation Officer of Furia Rubel Communications, Leslie Richards, has been helping marketing and design teams excel for more than 25 years. Since 2005, she has served in agency leadership positions where she spearheaded the development of branding, digital asset creation, and online marketing strategies.

A content marketing strategist, Leslie embraces the power of good data and combines analysis with a solid understanding of our clients’ business goals. Through a combination of messaging that resonates and data that informs, she deploys smart SEO tactics that support the strategic goals of every marketing, public relations and content campaign. As the agency’s Chief Innovation Officer, Leslie is committed to building alignment among all project stakeholders, growing and mentoring strong teams, and creating momentum in the delivery of client goals.

As an early adopter of marketing automation programs, Leslie shares her fascination of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to transform the way companies go to market with members of the Furia Rubel team and its clients. She began her career in graphic design and educational publishing and embraced the technological transformation of both fields.