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On Record PR

Mar 23, 2020

Gina Passarella is the Editor-in-Chief of global brands at ALM Media, where she works to connect others across the legal industry. Gina has worked with ALM since 2005, where she began as a reporter at its Pennsylvania publication, The Legal Intelligencer. She has covered the business of law around large law firms since that time. She moved into a role as senior editor on ALM's Business of Law desk in 2016 and became editor-in-chief of The American Lawyer in 2017. Her role has since evolved to include overseeing ALM's global and national brands, including International, Corporate Counsel, Legaltech News, The National Law Journal and China Law & Practice. Gina connects the profound insights of ALM's niche audience segments, building communities across the entire legal industry.

In this episode…

How is the legal industry and the way we relate information changing, especially during the coronavirus pandemic?

Join Gina Rubel as she talks with Gina Passarella. They discuss her journey in legal media, how to best communicate with journalists, legal industry trends pre- and post-coronavirus, and what listeners should know about embargos, going on the record and speaking off the record with the media. She openly encourages those in law to have informational meetings with the media. She gives tips and advice on how to best pitch stories and one surprising detail when lawyers are nominated for industry awards.