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On Record PR

Mar 29, 2020

Heather Morse the Chief Business Development Officer for McGlinchey Stafford, resident in the firm’s New Orleans office. With more than 20 years of legal marketing experience, working in firms of all sizes and strengths, Heather is most proud of her work outside the office, including her role on the State Bar of California’s Task Force on Access Through Innovation of Legal Services. A frequent speaker and commentator, Heather’s independent research on the generational divide between law firm leadership and corporate CEOs and CLOs has been featured in the New York Times and American Lawyer. To contribute to the conversations surrounding the business of law, Heather launched The Legal Watercooler blog in 2008, and manages a private Facebook group with more than 1,500 legal marketers throughout the world.

In this episode…

How do you differentiate yourself in the legal marketing field? What benefits and innovation to thinking and the practice of law can you offer your clients?

Join the conversation as Gina Rubel interviews Heather Morse to learn how to differentiate yourself in a time of crisis, how to add value to conversations with your clients, and other ways to make your mark in legal marketing.