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On Record PR

Apr 27, 2020

As a State and Local Tax attorney in Philadelphia, Nikki Johnson-Huston represents individuals and small business owners who have City of Philadelphia tax issues. She also is an advocate who works to educate the public about the challenges that people experiencing homelessness face. In 2019, Nikki was named United States of America's Ms. Pennsylvania 2020.

In this episode…

How do you maintain resilience in the light of the coronavirus pandemic, pay cuts, layoffs, furloughs and other challenges or any other situation that might feel insurmountable?

Join the conversation as host Gina Rubel goes on record with Nikki Johnson-Huston to discuss her personal story of growing up in poverty and experiencing homeless three times in her life before becoming a successful lawyer and how she used the experience to create the Donafy App which uses technology to help the homeless find social service resources.