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On Record PR

May 11, 2020

Jill Huse, Partner of Society 54 and 2020 President of the Legal Marketing Association International Board of Directors, is a renowned and trusted professional services advisor. She is regarded for her progressive ingenuity, research-based strategy, and her ability to deliver results for clients. With a master's degree in law firm management, Jill has obtained several certifications in coaching gamification and change management. She has worked in professional service marketing for nearly 20 years, the first 15 years of which were spent working inside accounting and law firms where she led their marketing and business development efforts. She has spent the last five years in professional services coaching and counseling.


In this episode…

What shifts are occurring in the way business is conducted? As a result, what adjustments are being made to ways ideas are presented to clients? What major changes are happening in client communication?

Join us as host Gina Rubel goes on record with Jill Huse to discuss how to help attorneys help their clients, the benefits of gamification, and how law firm operations will change after the coronavirus pandemic.